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Harley Davidson baby clothes

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Are you giving Harley Davidson baby clothes as a gift?
Here are some ways to make your present unique and memorable!

Harley Davidson baby clothes are great gift ideas. Whether for a baby shower or a little one’s birthday, giving some pint sized Harley gear is sure to please anyone, biker or not. They are unique, personal and are known for being extremely durable and high-quality. When it comes to kids clothes, apparel made by Harley Davidson is well worth the price and is sure to last as long as needed.

Have you purchased some Harley Davidson baby clothes for the little biker in your life? Then here are some sweet and simple ideas to make your gift one to remember;

Helmet from the heart!
Instead of packaging your Harley Davidson baby clothes in the usual clothing gift boxes, consider purchasing a pint sized helmet and using that to display and present your special gift. Simply fold and display your sleepers, booties, hats and sweaters inside the helmet and wrap in clear cellophane. Any parent will love the idea of their little guy or girl growing into the helmet and it is another way to add sentimental thought to your already unique gift.

What’s a biker without a bike?
Another idea that can be used to add a finishing touch to your Harley baby gear is to include a small toy motorcycle. Depending on the age of your recipient you could buy a small die-cast Harley or a softer, plush bike if you are worried about small parts and choking hazards. You could also invest in a collectors Harley figurine which could be displayed in a child’s bedroom and treasured as an heirloom later in life. Either way, the new parents will love the small efforts you’ve made to choose a meaningful and creative gift.

Buy some tiny tough-guy accessories!
Harley Davidson baby clothes are a great gift all on their own but with a few finishing touches they can be made into a one of a kind and completely unexpected gift. If you have already purchased a small Harley get-up, consider adding a few accessories to the outfit to add some serious biker style! Try to find small black and orange socks, bibs or booties that coordinate with your baby clothes. Or buy a tiny tough-guy bandana and some iron-on Harley patches that Mom could add onto her diaper bag!

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