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Harley Davidson Wedding Garter

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Know a biker bride-to-be? A Harley Davidson wedding garter is a great gift idea!

Embracing the biker lifestyle means appreciating the value of freedom and enjoying the unpredictable. And for those who love their bike and the open road this mentality and life philosophy doesn’t ever fade or go away. If you ask any biker, male or female they will tell you, owning, maintaining and of course riding Harleys is a lifelong passion and commitment.

This is why more and more women are trying to express their biker-babe vibe through their wedding day plans. But not every bride to be wants to strut down the aisle in tight leather and a helmet! So what choices are there for a modern day biker who would like to be a more traditional bride?
Harley Davidson wedding garters of course!

Easy to hide under a long traditional dress, Harley Davidson wedding garters can really add the finishing touches to any bridal get-up. They can also help the bride feel as though she has included this otherwise rebellious passion into her special day.

Most of the Harley Davidson wedding garters which are available will include two similar garter bands, both packaged and displayed in an appealing gift box. This is perfect for any sentimental bride who, while enjoying the tradition of tossing the garter would also like to keep the memento for herself!
One to throw and one to keep!

Harley Davidson wedding garters will often include either orange and black lace or a small motorcycle charm to keep with the true Harley theme. These classy and high quality garters are the perfect gift for a non-conforming bride and will surely bring some smiles to any bridal shower!

Available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles Harley Davidson wedding garters are fun, fancy and of course feminine!

If you or someone you know is struggling to bring their biker-flare into their wedding day plans consider purchasing a set of Harley Davidson wedding garters, they are a great gift and can really put a Harley-inspired spin on an old time honored tradition!

New Orange white black wedding garter SELECT set keepsake toss plus size Prom
New Orange white black wedding garter SELECT set keepsake toss plus size Prom
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