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Tips on Buying Vintage Harley Davidson clothing

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Harley Davidson is one of the most well known and famous brand names in the world. Since they became established in 1931, Harley Davidson has been known for their commitment to quality. It is because of this that they are often used in knock-off apparel and giftware. When shopping for vintage Harley Davidson clothing it is important to know the signs of both authentic goods and those which are imitations. Here are a few tips you can use to spot valuable, classic vintage Harley Davidson clothing and the not-so-noticeable knock-offs;

Tip Number One: Become familiar with the Harley Davidson Logo. The bar and shield logo has been around for decades and has changed very little since its creation. When purchasing vintage Harley Davidson clothing it is vital to know the exact shape, details and colors used in this world famous logo. Knock-offs will often have a slight variation in the logo. For example, one of the most frequently used logo alterations is the text used when spelling “Harley Davidson Motor Cycles” across the center of the bike logo. The best way to avoid purchasing a knock-off is to become familiar with the logo and pay close attention when purchasing any apparel, accessories or vintage Harley Davidson clothing.

Tip Number Two: If the price seems too good to be true…it probably is. This tip is especially important when buying vintage or antique Harley clothing. Similar to their bikes and parts, vintage Harley Davidson clothing can be quite valuable when in good shape. If the piece you are considering seems to be an unbelievable bargain it may not be authentic.

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Vintage 1990 Harley Davidson Clothes Leader Of The Pack Wolf T Shirt Size XL
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Tip Number Three: Look for True Harley Quality Remember, Harley Davidson is known worldwide for their quality and their impeccable attention to detail. This is not a new development and has been the company’s philosophy since day one and can be the best way to spot imitation goods or knock-off apparel. Vintage Harley Davidson clothing should be well made and should include real leather, accurate stitching work and high quality lining, pockets and durable metal zippers. If the quality doesn’t seem to be there, chances are the piece is not true vintage Harley Davidson clothing.

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