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Which style of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmet is right for you?

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For many bikers, choosing a helmet is a big part of the excitement when purchasing a motorcycle. However, when it comes time to pick the perfect helmet it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the wide variety of helmets available. Here are the three most common styles of motorcycle helmets and a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Full-face Helmets: A full-face motorcycle helmet is the most popular with those who ride racing motorcycles as they provide additional protection at high speeds. A full-face helmet covers the entire head from above the brow line to the base of the skull at the nape of the neck. Harley Davidson motorcycle helmets are sold in all styles, but full-face helmets are slowly becoming the most popular. With a full face protective visor to block sun, rain, snow and even insects this helmet leaves very little to be desired. The interior of the helmet has more padding than some other styles and is vented for air circulation. Though full-face helmets are the most heavy of all motorcycle helmet designs they do offer the most over-all protection.

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Three quarter Shell Helmet: Three quarter shell helmets have been the most common in the past few years and are the choice of most motorcycle police officers. Similar to the full-face helmet, three quarter shell helmets cover the head completely and are secured using a chin strap and chin cup. This style of helmet is preferred by those who log on the miles with day long tours and rally rides because they often include headsets for music and communicating with other bikers.

Half Shell Helmet: Half shell helmets, or “beanie helmets” as they are sometimes called, are the popular choice with owners of classic older Harley Davidsons. These helmets cover only the top portion of the head and offer very little protection. It is believed that those who wear half shell helmets would prefer to wear nothing at all and only do so because of the helmet laws which have been enforced in the past few years. This type of helmet is not recommended for those who enjoy racing bikes or large touring motorcycles due to the limited and often ineffective protection. Beanie helmets are very rarely padded and are secured to the head with a very small and minimal chin strap.

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